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How I Recovered My Dad's car within 2 hours Inside our sitting Room After His 14 day old Camry 2009 was Hijacked and Stolen Along Benin - Ore Road at a Gun Point



No one would love To Loose a Precious Car to Armed Robber or Quack Technician But My Dad's Case will Shock You


Lest I forget ,

I'm Seun  , 27 years old Graduate of Computer Engineering, Lives in Mainland area of Lagos Nigeria. The First Son Of My Dad who is going to Retire from civil work soon


Guess what?

If Not For What I will be sharing with You on this Page and Thousands  reading this Webpage at the Moment  My Dad would have Lost The Precious New Car he Bought After 7 Months Of Hard Savings + a 1.5 Million Naira Car Loan  He Got to Buy The Car due to the poor condition of His old 1999 camry .


Please do your self a favour by Giving your self 10 Minutes of your time To read this Page If You Have a Car or Many Cars or Company Mds with many company cars or Planning To Buy One soon



How Did It Happen?

A year Ago I was serving as NYSC in Imo State , so during one of the Secondary School Holidays I came Home To spend the weeks Holiday with my Family.

I got home safely and I met My Mum and the Last born of the House at Home, as Dad's Yet to be back from work.

But I noticed Our Old Car was Parked infront of the House contrary To The Manner of Been taken to work everyday by My Dad,


 I asked My Mother;

What Exactly is wrong with  Our Old Dude parked outside?

...and she said the Car is no longer drivable and You Know your father spends much on it every week, we are only praying to get a new one soon

I said amen,


Later in the evening Dad Came back from work with a  Taxi and I saw him paying close to N3,000 to the Cab Man that took him from Island where he works to our Mainland house.

I wasn't happy I've idea of the Kind of stress he was going through, not that he couldn't buy a new car since, but to send his 5 children to school is his main concern.


So I told Him Dad it's High Time You Change this car, don't worry God will provide. That summoned his courage to put something in Place for a new Car,

He Came Back from work a week After With a Good News


we were all Happy to Listen to the news that He's been granted the 1.5 million Naira car loan he's applied for long while ago at his place of work, which every other senior staff have been given earlier before him.

I was Happy, seriously Happy , at least if we can't buy a new one  we will be able to fix this car once and for all and use the balance to do something else


But Dad already Had a Plan

He's been saving some certain amount of money from His salary for the Past 7 months, and He said Guys we are buying a new Ride.

We all became so happy , I even called my sibs in school that Dad is getting a new ride soon...

2 days Later, He drove in The New 2009 Camry Car.. It was as If I've never seen a Car Like this before; Don't mind me it was because of Shit our old ride gave to us several occasions

At least No More worry of calling Mechanic daily, No More quick fuel consumption, it's beautiful and presentable in any Occasion.. in short it's a precious car



But something Happened

When I was in University 400 Level to be precise, as an Engineering Student I had the opportunity To Travel to South Africa to attend a 1 week Engineering Student Summit  , It was really eye opening and fun to connect with Engineers to Be from Different Part of the world

During this one week period, I met a New Guy from Asia "Japan" an Electrical Engineering Student,  we became so close during this stay and later I took Him as friend.

Though since we left Summit and we got back to our different countries Have never had the opportunity to see Him Physically..

Thank God for Technology, we connect on skype, facebook and talk almost every blessed Day, I can't do without talking with him in a day , like wise He can't stop talking with Him.


When Dad brought The New Car, I shared with my friend the Picture that  night on skype.


Below is what He said

This Your Dad's Car is Beautiful and Nice ,
Just make Sure You Tell Him To Insure the Car
to protect it against Car theft and Car problem
that Might develop easily in future


I just Laughed... I knew he wasn't aware of How Many Months it took My Dad to raise Money To Buy This Car, A car that was bought under the influence of good 7 months savings and soft loan.. I wonder where he'd get the money to pay insurance company Million to secure the car .

No way, He's a civil servant ... Not a Politician, nor company ceo/ Big Mds


and He said don't worry, You can Protect and Prevent the car from being stolen Your self.


Comon! I was eager to listen to me, I know he's talking some sense here, due to kind of techie country he's from. Japan


He said there's this Latest technology in Japan, It's a small device built To Protect any car, even motorcycle from been stolen and carted away ..  and all you need is the small device, your Sim card and Your mobile phone.


I said I would like to know and see Exactly what he's talking about .

So he left me for like 10 minutes to phone his uncle that work in one of the Manufacturing companies producing this device in their country



After 20 Minutes waiting, He sent me this

Have You seen or heard of the Device before?

Not sure, It's a complete Tech from Japan.


Hadn't been Pasuma Had this Simple Device in His car , the New Ranger Rover That was stolen few Days after he bought it would have been Recovered easily

Though He Bought a New One few Period Afterward, But am Talking to those in category of My Dad, am sure if the new Car is been taken away, It would take another years of savings to get a new one, except the miracle of God. as a salary earner in country Like Nigeria forget it, it will talk many months of Savings



How The Simple Device Recovered My Dad stolen Vehicle after the Car was Stolen along Benin-Ore Road


I know You're eager and ready to Know if it work or Not, Yes It did and it's still working perfectly till today, I will even show you here how we make it work.

But before then,


So I told my friend I  need it, I love this our family Car  and I can't afford going back to That old Cargo outside.

I asked How much is been sold and How much it'd cost Him to ship it to Nigeria on express delivery, I know if I tell My Dad this he won't take it serious, I made up my mind to Use My NYSC alloweee savings to get it if it's something that I will be able to. but If Not then I have no choice than to force Mum and Dad to contribute and get it

 Because I wanted it Urgent


But Guess What

Is something a comon Nigerian Like me could afford.  I was expecting 200,000 Naira plus,

But to my surprise not even 100,000, not even 50,000 infact Not even 30,000.

Each piece cost $85 and if he will send to me through fedex in 8-10 days I will pay $35 . total is $120

and as at the time the dollar rate on black market is N200. which means I paid Him a total of N24,000 through bank wire


I finally Got The Device 

I Think 2 questions should be running on Your mind Now

1. How I was able to Fix it

2. When I fixed it, did it work ????


Let me take it from Number one, How I was able to Fix it My self. yes My friend sent me a dvd on how any body can fix it to his or her car within 15 minutes, and the good thing is you don't have to be a techie Guy to fix it within few period. except you are too busy a good car electrician can fix it perfectly for you within 15 to 30 minutes


After watching the Video.


Here are what Needed to Make it work

1. The Device itself, (which I have already)

2. A gsm Sim Card "could be any service provider" with Voucher loaded on it ( I have to buy a new one, with a voucher of N750), it has a sim card slot to fix in the sim card




3. Your Gsm Phone. precisely a smart phone that can browse, android, iphone, black berry, windows phone, samsung galaxy,  and so on so forth..



Now here is How it works,

You've heard of google Map right? and with google MAP You can know the exact Location of any area in Nigeria. take for example you want to attend an event in Portharcourt and You live in Lagos and You don't know the road leading to PH, but it's compulsory that you go along with Your car.

With Google Map you will be able to drive your way and even find the exact Location of where you are going to, on Your phone


Take for example, I'm typing this message in the corner of Ojodu berger here I can easily use the google Map on my phone to Locate a where I am



Question Two when I fixed it, did it work ?


Similarly With  this Small device does

1. I installed it in a secret Place in the car, it also has extra battery that could last for 24-48 hours even if the car battery is totally down, But I learnt that it would take a whole 3 months for a car battery to run down incase if it was just parked on same spot and the device is been connected


2. I put it on , and Make sure the Gsm sim card has a voucher loaded on it

3. I called the Number of The Sim card using my own Phone, and Instantly I received the sms.

The Sms Indicates the Google Map Url.


4. I clicked on it, and It took me to the google Map address of where the device is located, which means where The Dad's car is.



How This Device I Installed here in Lagos Recovered the Car from Armed Robber that Took His Car at a Gun point Along Benin-Ore Road

Few weeks After, My Dad and Mum Traveled To Benin to attend a Function on their way back to Lagos on sunday, in between Ore (ondo State)- Benin They Ran Into A car Robbery Point, Where The car was Hijacked.

It was a very sad experience That I can't say it all here due to little time I have got.

But To God be the Glory, The case was reported immediately to the nearest police station according to what My Dad said.

 it was later in the day after staying like 2 hours in the station,  He put a call across to us with an unknown Number.


I asked about his personal phone and he said it was carted away along the car.

I was shocked at first, But I later took My Phone, call the tracker number and was able to receive the Map alert..

I told My Dad exactly where the Car is, and with help of Car fuel cut installed along with the device, The car stopped immediately the call was made to the device.

I forwarded it to him, the Location, and Told him to tell the police to assist him in locating that point since he's a stranger.


In short that was How we got the car, even though they took phones and little change left in the car. but thank God the main object is still available for him to drive



Infact My Dad has now introduced this device to all His friends and member of the church


Is That all?


My Friend also Introduced another device to me, Infact I can say this is the most useful Device among all,

It's also very simple to use, it enables anyone to detect the car problem before taking it to mechanic. or car electrician .


It's called Car Scanner


That is it runs a complete check on your car, telling you the fault code, whic you can later interpret yourself by typing the code in google. take for example it can easily tell you one of the censor is bad that's why the car is firing back, that's why you are seeing the check engine light and so on and so forth.

instead of your mechanic or your electricians cutting, you can easily tel them what to do is to change the bad sensor, just as an example,

many have lost good cars that wouldnt have cost them much to fix, but due to quack technicians and unaware of tools like this, they have done many damages more than the car initial problem


He personally recommended it for me, and he sent to me at a very affordable price of $75 and plus shipping I paid close to $110


The reason why I did all this, I know how much we bought this car and I know how much we spent on fixing the old car, yet no solution.. many cars would be running till today if not for fake mechanics that turns  solution of the car upside down



SO here are the two device that saved the car I love most from

Robbers and This simple device to detect the  car fault

before calling any technician


I don't know if you've experienced one of the two situation my Dad found himself, You  that you own one car , you want to maintain it perfectly and protect it from being stolen



You have many cars, official cars for company staff and co, you want to spend less to insurance company with this simple device. infact you want to give your driver to run a proper check on your car before embarking on that long journey


the other device car tracker  very good to know the location of each car you own, we've seen situation and heard of situation where drivers would be in oshodi and tell Oga is in Ikorodu


You Know How many Days, How many Months it will take a police to Recover a stolen car, that is if at all they were able to

with this simple device you can know the location of your car then tell Your Police where the car is

With the other Device you can run a regular check up on your car everyday or every weekend, to know the status of your car before it break down on the road without any initial signal.


If You doubt me

see the chat below and see millions of people that report cases of car being stolen

as a matter of fact see millions of result that shows matter related to car problem

Over 1 Billion Already Search Result  for Matters Related to Car Problem


see some Car theft news flying across Nigeria everyday

over 160 Million search result





Be Smart Like Seun protect your car from theft in cheaper way



Where Can I get Mine Seun?

I know this will be running fast inside you,  You are so eager to protect that car from thief and quack mechanics, especially when you can't pay that huge to car tracking companies where you spend 100k+

You need it as soon as possible But Your problem is If I will be able to borrow you mine, or link your with my Japanese friend.


I will not be able to borrow you, the one at end is already meant for my Dad's car, also I will not Be able to Link You up with my Friend.

And lest I forget, both comes with do it Your self manual , within 30 minutes you are done and if you need further help I will put you through on that


 Good News ,

and Here is How to get it anywhere you are in Nigeria

Even in the Remote area at the Comfort of your home.


I've spoken with My friend's Uncle personally, and I've told Him I will personally need at least 100 pieces of the two devices

But Unfortunately, He could only give out 30 pieces for now


and here is the deal

1. I paid Him N24,000 for the Gsm Car Tracking Device,

2. I paid Him N22,000 for the Car Scanning Tools


Total=> N46,000

calm down you aren't paying that


But there is a good news,

During the bulk negotiation with friends' uncle to be their partner in Nigeria. I was able to bit the price down


That is instead of paying N46,000 flat for the 2 device

It will now Go for Just N25,000 for the 2


Car Tracker only => N15,000

Car scanner only =. N15,000

Both devices=> N25,000


Isn't that a good deal,

The only Bad news is I have just 30 pieces as at the time of writing this page, and have been privilege to feature this webpage on facebook, punch website, leadership website and among others

this is to tell you thousands of car users are reading this website at the moment. it's gonna be the first come first serve



I know many people are not in Lagos, that can easily come to the marketing office address you will find soon, I have made an arrangement for them to make it easier, even without paying a dime until they have the goods


How to Order anywhere you are in Nigeria


Option One

Our Courier Partner will bring it to your address, while you pay them cash on delivery, ensure you will be available in 3-7 working days before placing the order, and if you are in Lagos you get it within 24-48 hours


1. Write down this Phone Number Now 09036927293

2. Compose SMS

3. Type the product you want

(e.g Car tracker or Car Scanner or both device if you want the two)

4. Your Full Name

5. Your full Address

e.g 52 new isheri road opp mr biggs ojodu berger Lagos

6. Your Phone number, if you have two send the two


Once this is confirmed, we will call you to confirm your order before calling one of the courier coy to pick up your package and bring it down to your address, once this is done they will deliver it to you , pay them once they deliver  the package


as simple as that


Option Two


Walk into our Marketing department address below, ask for your product and pay

Enetwork Business Innovations

52, New Isheri Road, Opp Mr Biggs,

Ojodu Berger,  Lagos

Office opens Monday - friday (8am-5pm) Saturday (9am-3pm)

Hotline: 09036927293  call 8am- 5pm only mon-sat only,

or send sms anytime any day


If You have any question feel free to call that number, or visit office. we shall be ready to answer you quietly well

and don't forget the more you protect your car the more you spen less on the loss.

Hope to hear from you



Enetwork Business Innovations



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